Telecommunications companies are facing an increasingly complex market in terms of both competitors and opportunities for growth. Success requires leveraging your unique assets – the customer relationship and knowledge of the customer, based on the huge volumes of data collected every day. Identifying trends in customer behavior, troubleshooting networks, optimizing pricing, developing marketing campaigns, and eliminating fraud and revenue leakage are just a few of the objectives that can be achieved with relevant analysis.

Telecom software and technology companies are also being challenged to capture and store more call data and enable their customers to access that data in near-real time.  Companies like JDSU and Polystar are using Infobright to meet the needs of the largest global carriers. Why?

  • Massive data compression means: less storage space, simplified database backup and administration, ability to keep much more history online
  • A self-managing database that eliminates the need to create indexes and aggregate tables, tune the database or other time-consuming administrative tasks
  • Outstanding query performance and load speed
  • OEM program and pricing for embedding Infobright into telecom applications

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