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Whether your company is an online ad network, a retailer, a mobile advertising service provider, a manufacturer or in any other line of business, your need for analytics is more critical than ever.

Understanding the behavior of your customers, the effectiveness of your advertising or marketing campaigns, the performance of your website, or a host of other questions may mean the difference between business success and failure. In practice, this often requires the integration of vast amounts of web data and offline data in order to gain the insight you are looking for.

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  • Read the case study about why mobile payments and analytics leader Bango migrated from SQL Server to Infobright for faster queries against large volumes of data, on the White Paper page.
  • Watch the short video from Bango about using Infobright for Mobile Analytics: Click here.
  • Download the Bloor Research Spotlight report “Loading and Analysing Web Datafrom the White Paper page.
  • Industry Brief: Marketing Analytics

Customer Case Studies:

  • Online Advertising:  LiveRail, whose technology enables publishers, advertisers, ad networks and media groups to manage, target, display and track advertising in online video, is using Infobright with Hadoop to provide their customers immediate access to their data. Read more.. Learn how Yahoo!’s Pricing and Yield Management group is using Infobright to optimize display ad pricing here.
  • Email marketing: For Database Emailer, its database is its business, and the ability to perform fast queries and generate lists for each customer request is essential. Database Emailer ran into serious challenges in terms of query speed when its MySQL database grew larger, and they turned to Infobright for a solution. Read more..
  • Social network:  Sulake Corporation is an online entertainment company focused on virtual worlds and social networking, and their main product is Habbo, the world’s largest virtual world and online community for teenagers. They turned to Infobright to increase productivity by reducing the wait time for analytics processing and to reduce the amount of server and storage infrastructure required for their growing data volumes. Read more..
  • Gaming: bwin Games AB, a leader in the development of digital poker products, has deployed Infobright Enterprise Edition (IEE) to manage the increasing volume of data generated by its online poker business. IEE is enabling bwin Games to store and quickly mine terabytes of data, without putting a heavy burden on the company’s hardware or administrative resources.

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