Today’s businesses depend on fast access to critical information to be successful. Analyzing sales, customer behavior, business trends, financials, marketing performance and security-related data are just some of the activities that are required to effectively compete in this market. This means that enterprises can’t wait months or years and spend millions of dollars on resource-intensive IT projects to deliver the data and tools that business users need today.

Infobright is a modern alternative to the traditional database and data warehousing platform. It is the new engine for analytics – powering applications and smart data marts that provide fast access to large volumes of data to business users. It is also the perfect solution for the IT organization: high performance, low cost, with unmatched operational simplicity and the smallest hardware footprint in the industry.

Learn more about how Infobright is being used for Online Analytics, Data Marts, Financial Services, Embedded Database for ISV and SaaS applications, Telecommunications and Log Analytics.


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