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Infobright for Windows

While Infobright’s analytic database is supported on a range of operating systems, an increasing numbers of Microsoft Windows and SQL Server users are turning to Infobright for faster query performance as their data volumes grow. Well over 35% of the downloads of Infobright Community Edition are on Windows, and that percentage continues to increase.

Why Infobright for Windows?

  • High performance for analytic applications
  • Ease-of-use and minimal administration
  • Low TCO
  • Scalability to more than 30 TB of data
  • Massive data compression
  • Runs on standard industry servers
  • Robust, high quality database

Query Performance

Bango is the leading mobile payments and analytics provider. In order to provide the query performance they needed for a new, very large customer, Bango compared the performance of some key queries using SQL Server and Infobright. The results were:

Query SQL Server Infobright
1 Month Report (5MM events) 11 min 10 secs
1 Month Report (15MM events) 43 min 23 secs
Complex Filter (10MM events) 29 min 8 secs

Data Compression

In addition to achieving great query speed, Bango also saw a reduction in the size of database of 98%, from 450GB with SQL Server to 10GB using Infobright. This is due to the high data compression that Infobright provides as well as the elimination of indexes and data duplication.

Tim Moss, Chief Data Officer of Bango, had this to say:

“Accommodating customer demand for a broader set of queries was problematic using SQL Server,” added Moss. “We’d have to add even more indexes, doubling the size of the database yet again with each additional index, which in turn would require more storage. Infobright’s high data compression capabilities allow us to shrink the database considerably.”

You can learn more about Bango’s experience with Infobright by downloading the Bango case study from our White Paper page.

Getting Started

Whether you are starting a new project or considering migrating an existing application from SQL Server to Infobright, we are here to help. You can start by downloading ICE, Infobright Community Edition, from our community site, or an evaluation copy of Infobright Enterprise Edition from our eval download page. There are a number of documents to help you get started.

If you have an existing SQL Server database and want to learn more about how to migrate to Infobright, read our SQL Server to Infobright Migration Guide, which you can download from the White Paper page.

If you are a Windows developer, read our new paper, Guide to Infobright for Windows Developers. Download from the White Paper page.

Using R for advanced statistical analysis? Download “Using R with Infobright” from the White Paper page for step-by-step instructions.

Be sure to join our community to get very fast reponse to any questions you may have about Infobright, or to get assistance if you encounter any issues.

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