Infobright Technical Webinar Series

Infobright is pleased to offer our weekly technical webinar series. Whether you are a newbie or have been using Infobright for some time, we offer webinars suited to your experience.  


Big Data and Investigative Analytics: The New BI Frontier
September 12th at: 11 AM ET, 8 AM PT, 17:00 CET

Whether you’re dealing with customer attrition or dropped phone calls, lost sales or failed machinery, the ability to perform effective root cause analysis can offer tremendous value, especially within critical time windows. Getting to the bottom of serious situations quickly can separate success from failure in the information economy.

This is the domain of investigative analytics – interactive, ad-hoc querying on complex big data sets to identify patterns and insights that improve and optimize business outcomes. These types of questions move the conversation from “How did my network perform?” to “How can I improve my network’s performance?”

Register for this session to learn:

  • how investigative analytics enriches both operational and predictive analytics
  • the top 5 requirements to analyze big data quickly and flexibly
  • how companies are harnessing and gaining insight from their machine-generated data today

Introduction to Infobright Analytic Engine
September 18th at: 11 AM ET, 8 AM PT, 17:00 CET

Go beyond operational statistic-gathering to true investigative analytics. With Infobright’s investigative analytics, companies extract rich, real-time insight from machine-generated data to increase revenue, profits and market share.

Register to learn how the Infobright® analytic engine delivers:

  • unparalleled ad-hoc query capabilities—enabling realtime information insights at the speed of business
  • the most efficient(footprint, compression, data load) analytic engine designed for enterprise software deployments, OEM/embedded configurations and enterprise-ready appliance configurations proven in production
  • install to analytics in hours, unlike the claims of the big box vendors, Infobright is designed for time to value
  • integration with the leading Hadoop, BI, and ETL players

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