Open Source Zone Co., Inc. (OSZone) is a leading IT company and solution provider in Korea, provided services based on open source technologies(, especially Oracle Linux/VM, MySQL and Infobright). OSZone is offering successful solution that best fits the needs of customers inclusive of consulting, customizing, optimizing, migration, application development, implementation, (maintenance) support, trainings.

In addition, OSZone also have been widely trusted by our customers from various industries covering telecommunications, energy, technology, government, financial institutions, broadcasters (, web and logistics and manufacturing). Our ultimate aim is to help our customers gain competitive solution of low TCO, powerful performance, high availability, security and scalability by providing one-stop service of total open source.

OSZone’s team will continue to infinitely share the true business value that we have to offer by endlessly seeking innovative ideas to provide utmost service. Providing the latest IT technology to fit the needs to improve/enhance growth of our customers, OSZone will stand be the best business partner. If you are interested in business software and solutions in Korea, feel free to talk to us.

Learn more: http://www.oszone.co.kr/

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