Lyza blends the best of business intelligence and social media to deliver a collaborative intelligence experience for the enterprise:

Lyza Studio is a downloaded workstation application where Power Users can explore enterprise databases, create custom data integrations across multiple sources, and design charts and dashboards which can then be published to Lyza Commons for other people to use. It runs on your desktop or laptop.

Lyza Commons is a web-based collaboration hub where everyone in your workgroup can participate in the intelligence process – search, comment, blog, rate, forward, bookmark, etc. It runs on either an internal web server, a dedicated cloud, or a public cloud.

Lyza Foundry is an automation and scheduling application to which popular or important processes are promoted by the community moderator. It runs on a server inside your company’s firewall.

Infobright and Lyza have worked together to provide step-by-step guide to using Infobright with Lyza Studio –

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