Professional Services

Infobright offers a range of service programs to fit the specific needs of our customers. Enterprise Subscriptions include the latest Infobright Enterprise software, a defined level of service and support and much more. We are also glad to work with you to customize professional service offerings to your needs.

To order one of the services below, please contact us.

IEE BrightPOC Service

Description: This three day, onsite service enables potential users of the Infobright data warehouse to rapidly but thoroughly evaluate the solution in a real-world environment.

This service is based on a mutually agreed upon scope depending on the number of data elements, target tables, source files and number and complexity of queries.

Deliverables include:

• A review of your current data and models along with recommendations for improvements
• Benchmark performance statistics for Infobright using your data:
• Compression rates
• Data load speed
• Query performance
• Tips and best practices for improving query performance in Infobright
• Recommendations on how to implement Infobright in your environment

Fee: $7500 plus T&L

Health Check

Description: This is a one day, onsite service for Infobright customers with production usage of Infobright who would benefit from expert consulting to ensure they are getting maximum value from their Infobright system.

This architectural assessment includes:

• Application walk-through
• Infobright technology overview
• Server connectivity
• Performance measurements
• Benchmark recommendations

Fee: $2500 plus T&L


Description: This onsite service includes 4 days of implementation services and training for new Infobright customers or those with new applications, as well as a one day Health Check service which can be scheduled at a later date. This packaged service includes a 20% discount compared to each service purchased separately.

The initial four days include:

• Infobright installation, database definition, load and query execution
• Provides a report on compression, load speeds and query speeds
• Performance tuning and Infobright optimization
• Customized training class suited to your personnel

Fee: $10,000 plus T&L (including Health Check)


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