Purpose built for machine generated data.

Infopliance is designed and built to store and extract insight from growing volumes of real-time and historical machine data generated by Web logs, network logs, call detail records, security data, sensor data and more.

Our integrated hardware/software appliance delivers administrative simplicity, robust analytic performance and scalability to 100’s of terabytes of data in a single appliance node.

Feature rich without breaking the bank.

  • Fast query processing, especially for ad hoc analysis, with no indexing, partitioning or manual tuning required
  • Scales to hundreds of terabytes per node and thousands of users
  • Simple set up and administration, supported by Infobright’s self-tuning and self-managing architecture
  • Easy integration with popular big data platforms like Hadoop, BI dashboards, traditional databases and more
  • Lower total cost of ownership, with starting costs as little as one half to one third that of traditional appliance solutions

For more details on Infopliance, download the Infopliance Data Sheet.

Download Infopliance Data Sheet:
Database Analytics Appliance for Machine Generated Data

MySQL Migration PDF