OEM Partner Program for ISV and SAAS Providers

Infobright’s analytic database is ideally suited to software vendors and SaaS providers who need a simple, scalable, and low cost database to enhance their application or service. Our OEM Partner Program provides a full suite of product, pricing, service and support offerings specifically designed for ISVs and SaaS providers.

The new program is also ideal for early-stage companies who need a flexible licensing model that provides access to Infobright technology during product development, and scales to support the partner’s growing business requirements. The simplicity of Infobright’s analytic database also accelerates time-to-market, enabling these companies to start generating revenue faster and jumpstart their go-to-market activities.

Download the Implementation Guide: Embedding a High Performance Analytic Database

You are welcome to contact us online or by email for more information. Download the OEM Partner Program Overview.

Infobright Product Benefits for ISVs and SaaS Providers

Infobright easily embedded database:

    * enables you to keep more of your customers’ data on-line
    * extends the functionality of your application or SaaS offering with greater flexibility for     
       reporting and analytics
    * loads data faster
    * reduces administrative effort by up to 90% by eliminating the need for indexes, data
      partitioning or database tuning
    * provides massive data compression which reduces storage requirements and hardware
    * speeds time-to-market for your application or service
    * all at the lowest possible cost

The reduction in hardware cost, administrative efforts and special OEM pricing means that you can offer your customers enhanced functionality at lower cost, increasing your product margins and providing an opportunity for greater revenue.

Why Infobright – Business Reasons

Infobright enables OEMs to:

    * Focus engineering resources on their product rather than on managing and tuning the
       underlying analytic database
    * Increase product margin by enhancing applications or services at low cost
    * Provide more flexible reporting and analytics
    * Accelerate time to deployment with a simple to implement, easy-to-use product
    * Work with an OEM friendly business model and license

Why Infobright – Technical Reasons

Infobright can be easily embedded in software applications. It provides:

    * An embeddable repository whose download is less than 35MB in size
    * Compresses raw data on average at 10:1, with some users experiencing 40:1 compression
    * Very small hardware footprint – can support up to 50TB of data on a single server
    * A product that is simple to install and manage
    * No indexes, no data partitioning, no data duplication, no database tuning needed
    * Accepts any schema – load and go
    * Runs on Linux, Windows or Solaris

Infobright OEM Partner Program

Infobright’s OEM Partner Program provides ISVs and SaaS providers with the software and services needed to enhance applications and drive new sources of revenue.

The Infobright OEM Partner Program includes the following:

    * Low cost, flexible software licensing
    * Web-based and on-site developer training
    * Gold level support standard, 7×24 Platinum support available
    * Expert technical service offerings including design and implementation 
    * Special OEM development license pricing

First-class Support and Training

We know that both you and your customers need fast, high quality support. Infobright’s Client Services team can provide everything from development support as you integrate Infobright with your application or service, to expert consulting, to Level 2 and 3 support for your customers.  Our support team can provide 24×7 service to you and your customers, with quick response times and problem resolution.

Infobright Client Services is staffed by database experts who can provide a broad range of services including:

    * Development/test installation and set-up assistance
    * Design consulting
    * MySQL/Infobright administration training
    * System review/audit
    * QA review of bundled product

Our training, designed to get your developers up to speed quickly, is available as computer-based-training (CBT) or onsite.



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