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    if it is defined as uncompressed when we create table in IEE?

    i wonder that if table structure can be defined as uncompressed when create table? because i found that querying a sql ,the cost of cpu is almost 95%. no matter whatever method i try . it can up to
    a high level .so i think if we can define a table as uncompressed,then it can decrease the time of compressing data pack. and i don't know if it works. but i want to try it . Can somebody offer me some
    help? Thanks very much.

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    This is not possible with Infobright, nor would I suggest it is something you would want to do. Could you possibly outline a little bit of your use case and help me help you to determine a few things.

    What kind of data are you storing?
    How often are you loading?
    What type of querying (static or ad hoc)?
    What type of application?
    What kinds of aggregates are you using?



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