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Thread: start error

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    start error

    when i start IEE service,then is occured error as follows:

    140310 16:19:51 [ERROR] Plugin 'BRIGHTHOUSE' init function returned error.
    140310 16:19:51 [ERROR] Plugin 'BRIGHTHOUSE' registration as a STORAGE ENGINE failed.
    140310 16:19:51 [ERROR] Failed to initialize plugins.
    140310 16:19:51 [ERROR] Aborting

    and i modify the permission of the data directory of infobright . but it doesn't work. Who can help me ?

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    see the brighthouse.log in the datadir directory for more information.

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    What OS are you trying to install on?
    What version are you installing?
    Do you have SUDO on the server?
    Is there a MySQL Installation there?

    You insicated that you receive this error during start, meaning that you already installed it and that it just has not started up yet? Or did you get this during the install?



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