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Thread: Ice Talend

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    Ice Talend

    Hey Sampath,

    To ensure it's not a version issue, can you try it with this newer version of the connector? There is a known issue with backward compatibility with Talend versions less than 4.0. However, it was not this type of error. Either way, give this attachment a try. We will be replacing the version on the contributed code page shortly. The Virtual Machine includes this newer version of the Talend connector.

    If that doens't work, let me know. I'll continue to research as well.



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    If you have data in a SQL Server and want to use it in infobright, you have a few choices. Planning is always a key.

    1. Export the data using Management Studio and then use a "Load data infile" sql command
    2. Use SSIS to migrate data from SQL Server into Infobright using a MySQL Connector on pot 5029
    3. USe 3r4d party ETL tools and connectors



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