Another vertical here we have seen Infobright adoption is financial services.

Financial organizations need to store and analyze ever-growing data volumes, faster and more effectively than ever, in order to compete. Near real-time response is required for the purposes of trade speed execution, immediate response to credit risk and fraud situations, better targeted customer loyalty programs, and the ability to maintain compliance and regulatory requirements. And, financial services is one of the sectors where the pressure to do more with less has never been stronger.

Some specific areas (as mentioned above) where ICE's analytic query speed has a real advantage in financial services include:

Trade Execution - Firms that trade in capital markets know that the business depends on the speed at which they can analyze and process trades. They simply cannot allow the ever-increasing trade and tick data volumes to impact analytic response times.

Risk Management - Financial services institutions must prevent risk and identify fraud in real-time. The ability to analyze trends and spot inconsistencies across huge volumes of live and historical data helps organizations prevent losses of money and reputation.

Regulatory Compliance - Financial organizations know that rising data volumes and analytic speed requirements cannot impact accuracy. Compliance with rising regulatory requirements, from trading compliance (Reg NMS, MiFID) to corporate governance (Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II), directly impacts their ability to stay in business.